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Is There Anything That We Can Do About This?

“Yes We Can”! We are not helpless, we can fight back and fight for what is really important – SAFETY – but safety using the proper solutions, carefully considered and designed for each situation. We must not let our voices be drowned out by the bike coalition using the same script they are using in cities all across the country, pushing their agenda for exclusive road areas just for their use. They use arguments that “road-diets improve safety”, to try and convince those unsuspecting people that they are a panacea for every safety ailment, yet the data does not support this – in fact, there are many studies which now show road-diets in the wrong locations actually increase incidents and injuries. Their other favorite argument is “we are taxpayers, so we are entitled to use the road also” – yes, we agree, use the road, share the road, but do not take 50% of our roads away for your exclusive use AND expect to continue using the rest of the roads also.

The way we need to fight back is to get involved, join us, share your ideas & thoughts, become part of the national movement which now has formed, and is growing to help gather data, feedback, and successful approaches, including ballot measures, and litigation when necessary to prevent and turn back this minority supported scheme destroying our cities.

More than anything we need to examine the saftey data to truly understand the fact and fiction that is communicated to us, whether from OakDOT, planners, bike coalition, or indeed “Keep Oakland Moving” – our goal is safety for all, and we encourage an informed decision – we are here to expose the facts, not hide or distort them.

Success Stories

LA – 6th street – CANCELLED !

LA – Playa del Rey – REMOVED !

Oakland [TBD] – Next with your help !