Project Details : Telegraph Avenue


The project extends along Telegraph Avenue between 19th and 41st streets.

Why Were Changes Proposed

OakDOT wanted to slow down traffic and provide bike lanes so that more people would use bikes or walk. OakDOT stated that there would be minimal impact on vehicle travel times, and the same capacity could be expected as before, vehicles would not divert to other streets to avoid the road-diet.

What Changes Were Made

The changes took place in multiple separate developments, each to try and fix problems not addressed before. These changes continue to be an ongoing process, as each change causes a new impact.

What Is The Result Of The Changes

As can be seen in the above image, the amount of vehicles and bikes on Telegraph Avenue is low. The paint all over the road is confusing, and the protected bike lanes are dangerous. A seen in the image below, buses need to move to the curb to collect passengers, which is dangerous, so more changes are being made, adding temporary pickup platforms beyond the curb, which then causes difficulties for elderly and disabled having to cross the bike lane to reach the platform.

The project is a money pit, without any significant gain in bike or pedestrian traffic. There has, however, been a significant decrease of more than 600 vehicles a day, yet OakDOT does not know, where they have gone, and cannot study this since they did not do holistic studies before the initial implementation.

Are There Better Options?

Yes – holistic options that consider the safety of all road users – car, bike, and pedestrians, including consideration of current demand, projected future demands, and impact of surrounding neighborhoods.