Project Details : Grand Avenue


Why Were Changes Proposed

OakDOT stated”the project will improve safety for all road users”, project page here and there would be minimal impact on vehicle travel times, and the same capacity could be expected as before, vehicles would not divert to other streets to avoid the road-diet.

What Changes Were Made

  • Restriping took place as part of repaving, community outreach was poor, many members of the community found out only after the project work began.

What Is The Result Of The Changes

  • Traffic diverted to neighborhood streets
  • School crossing points were made more dangerous due to vehicles diverting
  • Grand Avenue experience serious congestion during peak-hours
  • Impatient drivers were seen undercutting (driving in bike-lane) to overtake slower vehicles
  • Delivery trucks parked in center turn lanes since no other parking available
  • Largely vacant bike lanes since bike traffic did not increase

Are There Better Options?

Yes – holistic options that consider the safety of all road users – car, bike, and pedestrians, including consideration of current demand, projected future demands, and impact of surrounding neighborhoods.