It’s time to take control of our safety

OakDOT  is on a mission to convert Oakland streets into miles of clogged lanes, full of frustrated and angry motorists, as their solution to “bicycle and pedestrian safety”. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way, and want to educate the public, and apply pressure to OakDOT and our city council to ensure the best solutions are chosen that provide the maximum benefit for all.

Groups such as Bike East Bay are hijacking the conversation, promising that Road Diets are the solution to every problem imaginable, but we have evidence, supported by data to the contrary.

We are a group of true advocates for safe, free flowing roads that provide benefit to the majority, which should be the goal of any taxpayer funded government.

Join us, and help to keep Oakland roads safe for all, using the best options that provide maximum benefit with minimum impact.

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